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Hello world!

Have you ever looked through a prism and reveled in wonder at all the facets, lights and changes in imagery you beheld?

Life is a lot like that and everything we perceive is merely perceived through only an aspect of a filtered view.  We often hear phrases about seeing or knowing the other side of—whatever it is.  The revelation of course is that there aren’t only two sides or both sides, but many, many sides depending upon which angle we look at the situation, through which filters and beliefs, the convincers that make up our filters and then of course, our flexibility to be able to open up those filters and behold even more, just like the prism.

This blog is meant to do just that. In the weeks to follow, I invite you to step into the looking-glass containing a myriad of facets and explore opening up to all sorts of topics, utilizing all our senses and sensors—from our basic acts of eating and tasting to our own individual relationships to our personal and global environments.  And as the title promises, we will even take on a new perspective of the old meaning of “flipped”—mentally-speaking of course!

I  for one, had always been interested in “the big picture”, until I met my husband Jeff, a Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, who lead me to realize that there was more than the big picture, there was the whole picture, which as he said, is what he is most interested in.  The beauty lies therein that the whole picture is made up of other pictures where possibilities are endless. And in our practice where we help so many piece together back their lives, with the very means of fresh perspectives and new learnings, prism-thinking leads them out of their prison- thinking, so to speak.

So with these offerings, stay connected as we look forward to our exciting and fun journey to…EVEN MORE!


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  1. These are wise words, words that would change many peoples perspectives and start a flow of healing…

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