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Hey Doc! Watch Your Language!

Just recently, I had learned that my aunt who resides in Australia and in her early 80’s, had a fall and broke her hip.  This was followed by a successful hip replacement.  My aunt had been diagnosed 6 years ago with Peripheral Neuropathy and gradually had less and less flexibility in her movement.  She is also someone who has always been mentally more youthful than her years, having been a singer/musician for a lengthy period of her life. Now her attending orthopedist had requested to review her tests and scans over the last 6 years.  Upon review, he concluded that she had been misdiagnosed and does not have neuropathy at all.  Good as a second opinion, right? He now also ascertained that reviewing her MRIs from 6 years ago, her brain had shrunk more than normal for a person of her then age and cannot understand how or why she does not have any sign or symptoms of dementia! (Really? Now I would definitely get a second opinion on that whole shrunken brain diagnosis!) He went ahead and ordered a new MRI to probe into this mystery.  Her results showed that her brain hasn’t changed much in all this time and is now normal.

Which brings me to other perspectives on the subject, some of which I have been collaborating with my husband Jeff, about the language used by doctors generally in the concluding diagnoses they make and the ultimately baffling reality they cannot seem to reconcile.  How do we gain the arrogance to make absolute sweeping statements about something that we know we don’t yet know everything about? In our field of healing within change-work, we understand that first of all, we don’t know everything there is to know about our mind-body processes, but we do know that our beliefs and what we tell ourselves, and ultimately our cells, has everything to do with it.  We know how to educate others in communicating the right messages and dialogs to our body in order to affect the optimum healthy dynamic.  In our line of teaching and learning, we know that while what we know we know is important, and what we know we don’t know will motivate us to learn more, realizing that what we don’t know we don’t know is the key to forever having the humility to gain further insight, knowledge, wisdom and understanding into the yet unknown realms of life.

Realizing that even doctors of western medicine who have studied and gained a vast array of knowledge about the human body in as much as understanding symptoms of diseases and the treatment of such, they still do not know what makes us tick and they do not know how healing happens on the meta-physical level. My aunt believed the doctor’s words six years ago that she had peripheral neuropathy and without a second opinion, readied herself for the progression of the disease declared by the doctor.  All I can say now is, thank God he didn’t “notice” or pursue the shrunken brain business, giving her further preparation for onset dementia which she no doubt would have contracted by now! (Funny thing too about the usage of language “contracting” a disease—so binding!)

Jeff and I have learned much about health and healing and how beliefs and communication with oneself affects all of it. Some years ago, Jeff was invited to speak and facilitate a meditative healing session at a Parkinson’s disease conference.  Our neurologist associate, who is also a movement disorder specialist, was very interested in the effects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Design Human Engineering used for Parkinson’s and Stroke. We both listened very intently to the language used by all the featured speakers, including our associate and the neuro-surgeon. While our associate is a believer of integrative healing and had a more human approach, the presentations by all the doctors were more a fact-based approach of known evidence of the disease and delivered step-by-step sequential acceleration of the disease’s progression that patients should expect.  When the conference took a break, we listened to the comments of the bypassing patients, most of them along the lines of “I feel more depressed now than when I got here!” Sad but true.  And oh yes, depression is also one of the by-products of the disease! Well no wonder…since they had put their patients in further dis-ease!

In another instance, I know a woman who went to see a breast surgeon for a biopsy consultation to check for some abnormality. Feeling confident that the reputable facility had all her files regarding the issue, when the surgeon appeared, his first words to her were, “So I understand you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.” Her response? What? No! Clearly he was not familiar with her file or reason for being there, even though she had filled out countless forms, along with prior tests results leading to her consultation.  Had she been someone who was not familiar with her own case, she would have taken him at his word and shrunk in fear and anxiety.

While I’m no doctor, I may be a healer of sorts and I know as my own truth that when we put our faith into the limitations of the medical encyclopedia we begin to believe with limitation. So why in all glory of the infinite possibilities we have been given, would we choose to restrict ourselves with someone else’s limited version of who we are and what we are to become?

Realizing this now, my foremost suggestion is always be aware of what you say to your body. Speak well of yourself and to yourself. Be all that you desire and more than you think you are, and stay well.

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Hey! Who Put That Label On Me?

I was watching a program on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) the other day, Finding Sarah – about Sarah Fergusen, the Duchess of York and her journey back to finding herself. Within this journey she seeks the help of gurus in several fields to help bring her back up again, among these Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, a shaman, a fitness trainer and the like. I must say first that it was quite intriguing as the plight of the Duchess is highly identifiable with many. Now I ask that you bear with me for the next few lines of storytelling while I set the framework of my points in question.

Following her story and her painstaking journey back to happiness, we become involved in the drama of the otherwise highly personal content of another’s life. I watch it however to observe how conventional and non-conventional therapies and techniques are taught by various coaches using so many different methods. What perspectives to do they teach?

The highlight of this blog post is what followed a financial session with Suze Orman who proceeded to let Sarah know that she was lacking in self-worth foremost after which Sarah responded, “How does one get self-worth?” Correlating with her previous question, she would intently provoke Dr. Phil with the question basically along the lines of “what’s wrong with me?” So Dr. Phil takes her through a few leading questions, eliciting certain answers from her, whereby announcing his conclusion that she is an addict! An approval-seeking addict. The most disturbing part to me was Sarah’s relief, “Now I know what’s wrong with me. I’m so happy there’s a name for it!” Really? You’re happy that someone has finally put a label on you?

So that got me to thinking, of course. Self-worth, seeking approval and the acceptance of somebody else’s labeling of us. They don’t quite go together when you really think about it do they? Yet for all intent’s purposes, they seemed to go together in a conventional therapeutic program widely accepted by most. So how is it that when we desire to free ourselves from destructive behavior, we add labels to our Selves that keep us confined? When we file or organize our inanimate things that we acquire during the course of our lives, we label them. We put neat little sticky things on them and mark them “important”, “urgent”, “priority”, “for later use”, “incomplete” and an array of others that only have meaning to us individually. The value they hold is only the value we give it.
When we label ourselves or allow others to do so, we give ourselves value only as far as the label does. You are this, that or the other. I am this, that or the other. Do we realize that the I AM in these statements is the most powerful creative thought we can even imagine? What we believe we are, we become. Go ahead…try it. Think of a few things you think you are and use them in a sentence beginning with “I am…” Think of things others have told you that “you are”. How committed are you to those statements? How strong are your beliefs in them?

What we do, however, we can do differently, or the same – and we can observe the different results of our actions. If what we do isn’t working for us, then we can seek ways in trying something else that will. The potentials in possibilities are far more unlimited than the “I am this” labels, aren’t they? Try them on for yourself and evaluate the different feelings they evoke in you. After all do we really need experts to tell us what and why we are, or do we want experts who will show us ways to change how and what we do? You be the judge before you tack on that next label.

Note: These are just a few perspectives. I have more—as should we all.

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Get Out of Your Way!

Once we set our pure intent, we plant the seeds and they are set in motion.  Sometimes, when the motion begins, and even though we cannot fully fathom the scope of the changes about to take place, life just doesn’t let you do things in the same way that you used to.  What do I mean by this?

Oftentimes when we hit a brick wall, a seeming dead-end or our lives just seem to be a scene from Groundhog Day, it’s because the patterns which we are normally comfortable in operating are providing us with the same results.  They may be different circumstances but often the outcome usually feels the same, often disappointing us with the “same old”.  Einstein defined insanity as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.  Sometimes hidden, the comfortable patterns we go to when we set about to achieve something are being performed in the same way as we always do, cleverly masked by new and different circumstances, situations and settings.

This is not to say that a fool-proof or successful process can’t be re-applied again and again, but let’s get clear the fact that even though situations may seem new or similar on some level to us, if we keep comparing and generalizing them to our prior experiences, we run the risk of never applying a new strategy and even missing “the difference” in each experience.  To learn something new and to be first open to learning something new affords us the ability to apply a fresh facet to an existing strategy or thinking up a new approach altogether.

Now let’s go back to my previous statement. When we state a pure intention to receive, opportunities will present themselves to us.  Whether or not we’re open to noticing them, is another point. The fact is when opportunities present themselves and we begin the process of actively pursuing them, sometimes our partners in our co-creative process, be it Divine intervention, intuition, instinct or whatever you perceive is guiding you, will just not allow us to apply our same old strategies in how we go about it. It’s telling us if we’re listening, “Learn and move on from past lessons and do something different now!” Even if you haven’t noticed this before, doesn’t it just seem even vaguely familiar? It’s most commonly heard when someone says something like, “Something just lead the way,” or “It felt like something prevented me from doing that.”

Pure intent – “pure” being the key word, would make way for the clarity required in how you make the pictures of how you see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you would feel in your own life’s fantasy movie playing out. When you have the tools to make them clear enough, you may be already setting in motion all the necessary appropriate new strategies needed to get you there.  It seems logical that doing the “same old” does not make a good match to your newfound creation process. This is also true of old patterns, or stale dynamics within our own inter-personal relationships which cause conflict and disruption to the harmony and flow needed.

Remember in these situations when you are co-creating your life and things get in the way of how you normally do things or something’s steering you in a new direction, the “universe” may just be telling you to get out of your own way so you can start living your dream!

Note: These are just a few perspectives. I have more—as should we all.

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I Want My Country’s Flag to Stand for Something

An American Independence Day Special
by Jeff Schoener, the NLP Wordsmythe

By nature and training I am an agent of change.  I help people transition easily and thoroughly, utilizing NLP, DHE™ and other healing modalities.  People will let go of behavioral patterns in exchange for better ones along a continuum from where they’ve come, towards where they will go, all the while happily leaving baggage behind as their own personal history.  In short, I teach people to use their brains and to be smarter.

I personally have been feeling unsettled of late and I am only now beginning to understand why.  For all of us the future is uncertain.  There are no guarantees, and yet most people can and will hold on to their own history.  In this way they may take the lessons from their personal past and use them in the present in order to construct the possibility towards an amazing future.

It has been said that the best predictor of the future is the past.  This generally consists of actions, behaviors, and programming as well as learned experiences.  Just as our ancestors had to adapt and adjust to weather and natural forces, government and society changes, we also are forced to adapt.  The greater the upheaval the more we adapt.  As we adapt we rely upon what we have learned, from whom we have learned and from where our teachers learned their lessons in order to impart wisdom.  The more grounded we are in the values of where we came, the smoother the transition in adaptation.  If others were to deny or distort their history, those in the know could hold on to what they know as belief until proven as fact.  What then happens to individuals who don’t really know their history?  After the Emancipation Proclamation made slavery in this country illegal, many who were slaves for generations had to slowly construct a new history.

Have we politically moved from the land of the free and the home of the brave into the land enslaved and the home of the victim?   We are moving faster then anyone expected in a direction that makes us seem more like the EU.  How did we get here and where were we as things changed?   Young people today will simply accept modern history as the way things have always been, yet I seem to remember differently.

My first three cars were GM Pontiacs.  Today the Pontiac brand has gone the way of the dinosaur.  It simply no longer exists.  As I thought about this I also began to remember my youth, happily watching television shows such as ‘The Wild, Wild West’, ‘Get Smart’ and ‘Star Trek’.  Today Hollywood has remade an important part of my youth with their creative perspectives. Are modern stories and fresh interpretations creative?  Sure, but far from original thought. This is something that is severely lacking today.  If I were to talk to a young person about it, we would be having two separate conversations.  It is as if my personal history is being altered, my future even more uncertain as I hang in suspension as the Fool in a Tarot deck.   Many today are generally plagued with a lack of imagination and therefore problem-solving seems to bring even greater challenge.  When I was a kid, a stick was a gun and a box was a rocket ship.  This was an imagination proving- ground.  Imagination is from where fresh ideas come.  We wanted to be just like the good guy, the hero who stands up to the opposition, even at greater numbers because we understood what was decent and right.    We noticed life on a two dimensional screen and we wanted to emulate it in our three dimensional worlds.  That seemed enough for us.  Pseudo-realism has encroached upon every part of our current lives.  Technology has allowed our two-dimensional worlds to perceptively seem as if it has three dimensions.  It is almost as if many would prefer to escape into these pseudo-3D realms.  Life in 3D seems to lack appeal.  War games played with slick controllers in pseudo-3D on a 2D screen by people who would never volunteer for actual service.  That would be too real, too gritty and bloody.   You only get one life on the battlefield and that wouldn’t be safe.

My father was part of the greatest generation.  He, his friends and the entire nation joined the fight, not against evil, but for what this country stood.  Many had little, as they were children of the great depression.   They knew they didn’t have much, yet they never considered themselves poor.  They fought, they strived they worked and used their imagination in the hope of giving their children better lives then they lived.  They laughed, they cried.  They kept going because they knew where they came from. They knew what sacrifice it took just to come to these shores.  Defending them and upholding the honor was the small footnote each would contribute.  Together each small sacrifice weaved the fabric of our nation.  A few were afraid to die, fewer of them were afraid to live.  They rarely spoke of the details and they would never forget.

It is a normal process when people seem to forget, or want to forget hurtful memories.  This is human nature.  Take September 11th, 2001.  I was going around my office in New York City, breathing the dust from the remnants of the twin towers assuring those who didn’t want to believe that what happened that day was completely real.  Just as there will be holocaust deniers, the witnesses are the ones who must continue the tales lest they become corrupted and distorted.  My personal history has been breached, so I am now forced to dig a bit deeper into my own character, remembering who and what are truly important to me.  I hold dear the people who shaped me and allowed me to grow.  I hold dear, my ancestors’ struggles.  I must hold tightest, onto my hopes and dreams as I write my own history.  I want to stand proud.  I want freedom to be a way of life for all and not simply a conceptual exercise.  I want individual greatness to prevail.  I want people to be awake, aware and smart enough to know that there are consequences for ignorance.  I want people to be able to learn from mistakes so that they will think and work smarter.  I want to hold my head proudly as I salute ‘Old Glory’ and know it stands for something.

In 1998 an immigrant from the former Soviet Union told me something that I failed to understand back then.  “You are lucky you were born here, (in America).  If I were born here my life would be so much better.” Only recently did I begin to understand what he said to me so many years ago.  Over the last few years, I realized that helping people get beyond their fears and limitations, also included ending their internal struggle.  For example, does a fish feel the water?  On an average windless day, do we feel the air?  I suspect we would appreciate it far more if we just broke the surface and came up from a fish’s natural surrounding.  It is much like the misnomer that one must suffer for one’s art.  Proper motivation, one could simply create.

I originally wrote parts of this article in 2009.  Since then I have come to learn that people who are free from birth do not have the struggle as opposed to the immigrants who come to these shores from nations of limited freedoms.  Are we not meant to breathe free and look after ourselves, our families and our communities?  Good fences may make good neighbors, but reducing our ability of free choice does not necessarily make ‘good fences’.  Progress is not necessarily progressive and if we fail to understand the freedoms we have, we will not know what we have lost.  Our nation’s constitution from its original intent is a framework of freedoms.  As Americans we are unique, just as are the Italians, the Greeks and the French with their language, styles and culture.  America for generations was known as the melting pot, not because of what we lost in terms of other cultures, but of what we gained by adding other cultures to U.S.  If we are coming to a time where the stars and stripes lose this symbolism, then what is its meaning?  Who are we and who will we become?  If we lose our ideals along with our freedom, what then do we stand for and what does our military truly fight for?

As Americans who were born of this privilege, let us relearn why it is our privilege and why others still dream and strive to come to these shores.

 From a citizen who loves his freedom, respects the Constitution and wants his nation back,

Happy Birthday America.

**This country is said to be a democracy, so what does Democracy look like?