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Not myself, beside myself, losing (lost) myself, finding myself, beyond myself, outside of myself, within myself.

We seem to often get tangled up in these concepts.  Yet who is the Self? Do I actually know myself to make these frames of references? How about, I surprised myself? Well, I would actually have to know just about everything about myself in order to do that! Am I and myself the same entity then or something different?

How do I treat myself? With honor? Respect? Disdain? Love? Kindness? Punishment? If I can do all those things to myself, then is there a constant incongruence or separatism? Or is there ever such a thing as harmony or a merger? Are they just different aspects or facets of my Self? Our higher selves, our lower selves and those in-between. When we put them all together who do we actually get? I like myself, I don’t like myself – well does your Self like you?

When we can “see” and “hear” ourselves saying or doing something, is that another that we see? I can’t believe I did that! Why not and who then did? That’s me and that’s just the way I am! Really? Is that all that’s you?

So much to ponder, so much to realize. How often do we take inventory of the various attributes of Self, be it human nature or human nurture? We could do ourselves a favor and revisit our Selves from time to time to get reacquainted. I’m sure they just would love a visit from you!

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Comments on: "To Thy ‘Known’ Self Be True?" (1)

  1. There are two or more selves to everyone b/c one truly never wants to be all alone. One is the lonliest number… & since zero truly doesn’t mean a thing, one needs a plan that will work for a very long time. If one hears too many voices in one’s head that one doesn’t recognize, one will eventually go crazy. This is something one already knows. One does come into this world preprogrammed to react a certain way. One can decide how that is possible & what it would all entail, whether one knows or not – but what difference does any of that truly make now… that’s something else one can decide for oneself. One either thinks&feels one’s been here before, or one doesn’t. One either thinks&feels one is here by random chance, or there was some sort of intelligence behind it all. Being born into the XPerience is the only way the XP could truly ever matter to one. As one grows one constantly learns both how to be & how not to be. Both ideas lead one in the same direction, even tho they are opposite ideas – they can only seem to oppose & the contrast stirs the pot. Once there are absolutely no more questions in one’s mind about who one truly is – once one remembers it is one again & that doesn’t scare one anymore – neither will nothing. It’s impossible to ever fool one’s true self… it’s the only thing about one that always knows the TRUTH & it won’t ever let one forget – no matter what occurs or how long it takes.

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