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Flip Your Brain – Prism Thinking is all about adding new dimensions into our thinking processes.  The way we view ourselves and the world, our experiences and memories can all be enhanced when we apply new and fresh perspectives.  Often times we always look to another to offer us a fresh perspective on something.  How about exploring the possibilities ourselves and having the ability to give ourselves layers of dimensionality to our own world and that around us.  Using tools used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming® and Design Human Engineering®, instead of simply “thinking outside the box”, I’d like to offer new ways of going through your own mental tool-box and look through the prism of life.

Bio: Natalie Schoener is   As a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming®, Design Human Engineering® Practitioner, Pranic Healer and Reiki Master.   Having worked for many years as Director at Neuro-Enhancement Strategies, with her late husband Jeff Schoener, she had lent support in all areas of the organizing and conducting of classes, workshops, client services and day to day running of their practice.  She co-developed their products and services, continually looking to and creating new and better ways of bringing to the forefront, new ideas and the implementation of new learned skills and processes in alignment with the Society of NLP and other healing and teaching modalities. Natalie also staffs for Dr. Richard Bandler, John La Valle and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as administrative and practitioner support during NLP® trainings in the U.S.

Her private practice Neuro-Energetic Rebalance™ & Coaching deals with No-touch Pranic Energy Healing and coaching enhanced with NLP®, meditation and closed-eye visualization processes for transformational mind-body-spirit balance and wellness.

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