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Neuro-Enhancement Products

Mind-Body Balancing with Whole-Brain Learning™

Neuro-Enhancement audios and books incorporate various healing modalities and techniques specializing in guided meditation using closed-eye processes and visualization techniques to help you relax, rejuvenate and heal.

Learn to access multi-levels of awareness with Whole-Brain Learning™, utilizing all your senses to redirect limiting beliefs and thoughts into more useful and powerful ones, as you feel healthier, more relaxed with greater sense of well-being, while you learn to connect how your mental attitude changes your physiology.

Using and listening to these products regularly will train your brain to develop and maintain new mental strategies by using techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming®, Design Human Engineering® and Integrated Energy Therapy™.

Here’s how and why you will enjoy your products:

cellular-2-003-300x261Cellular Acceptance – for healing in changing behavioral thoughts and patterns, let go of grief, heal by communicating with your cells, boost your immune system, allow your body to do what it knows, and release the weight of emotional baggage that manifest in countless physical issues. All you have to do is listen comfortably and your mind will do the rest! Audio CD & Work booklet/90 min $25.00

caregiver-layout-final-300x264Caregivers Relief Kit— a mental spa for anybody in any capacity of caregiving, from taking care of an elderly parent or spouse, a stay at home parent, new parents to being a professional caregiver or healer. Train your brain and body to relax and recharge! Audio CD/30 min $10.00


publication1-297x300Just Before…The Memory & Sensory Enhancement Guide Book—Remember on purpose! Juggle your memory as you light up different parts of your brain, creating new neuro-cortical pathways, with fun and entertaining questions that connect you back to important and cherished highlights of your life. Book $13.00




Patterns of Attraction—an effective process to re-evaluate your current and past relationships issues while you break unhealthy patterns with new perspectives for more fulfilling relationships. (PDF/email only) $5.00


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