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Is Your Movie Reel?

As I was channel surfing one afternoon looking for something to pique my inspiration, I came across a magazine show on NBC called Daily Connection where the segment dealt with overweight issues.  The title was “Big But Not So Beautiful”, featuring the many cultures that are now focusing more on health aspects of unhealthy weight.  One of the co-hosts asked the other what she thought of such an issue.  The other answered so devoid from an opinion that it was laughable! She said something like, “Whether you’re small or large you should stay within the frame that’s best for you.” I mean was she trying to stay neutral so as not to offend?

So it got me thinking… saying or doing the right thing is something that our own moral compass navigates us towards.  Is it political correctness or is it an ethical correctness? Within the prism of our lives there lie facets of what we perceive as light and dark with many shades of grey in between. How many shades of grey are you willing to navigate through before you decide where you stand? If you were to add the colors that are within your prismic light how much clearer would that be for you? Would you be able to see the flaws? This time think of your prism as the lens of a movie camera, filming your movie. How are you playing out your movie?

Taking a stand on anything requires first and foremost, adequate information, accurate knowledge of the history, the progression of the subject and a clear idea about your preferred outcome. A clear idea of your preferred outcome requires different perspectives on what life would be like with and without that outcome. You add in the various dimensional elements and play out your movie to the end and then make your decision. Remember to not only add the visual aspects to your moving pictures, but also sounds, smells and feelings. Then virtually step in and then see and hear yourself in it, feel what you would feel. If your movie is fuzzy then brighten it.  Look at the shadowed areas and shine your light. If the sound is muffled, adjust it.

Many poor decisions are made and causes are fought without playing this multi-dimensional movie till the end, or appropriately changing its attributes. The important steps it will take to get you there are often left out in chunks and when we finally get what we asked for we say something like, “I didn’t ask for this!” But did we? Lack of clarity and lack of understanding will often be the deciding factors on how we get what we think we didn’t ask for.  We didn’t realize that our lenses may have been flawed so that we could play out the alternative plots.

When I studied and then worked in the film industry for many years, one of the things I learned about making a movie was that every piece of equipment used required constant checking and calibration. So why not calibrate your own thinking equipment? Check your lens, make sure your aperture opening is acceptable and that your exposure is appropriate. Calibrate your focus, balance your grayscale and tune up your color spectrum. After all, it’s your movie—wouldn’t you want to make it the best one possible?