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Permission Granted, or Access Denied?

What is the secret formula for having the life you desire? A life of abundant blessings of love, joy, good health, success, peace and prosperity.  After all, I daresay that this is what most humans pray for, wish for and dream about.  Why is it that many of us just seem to be banging our heads against the wall trying desperately to achieve the things we most desire? We pray, chant mantras, having faith and believing that all things are possible to those who learn and evolve with the appropriate intention, actions and beliefs. What have we forgotten about ourselves, when we believe with all positivity, persevere with determination, and yet something deep down, a hidden negative belief, doubts, insecurity seem to rear their ugly heads and seep into our positive thought and energy?

I was thinking intently about this and I realized—free will! We forget that we humans have free-will and there’s something really powerful about acknowledging and exercising this God-given gift.  While being sensitive to different dimensional energies around us, I noticed a change in my neurology when I state my intention regarding what energies I DO NOT give permission to affect me.  I noticed that this is the thing that many do not understand when suddenly faced with the fact that there may be other energies around us that we actually interact with daily.  Many people take the victim role and fear the possibility of some other forces “doing something to them”.  Friends, we have free-will, exercise it! We let whatever negative energy we are faced with know that it does not have our permission to mess with us!

So then, what happens when we pray for things we want? Do we pray, chant, repeat and hope we will be blessed with and hopefully manifest what we want? Do we actually give permission for these things to come into our lives? Once you’ve given permission, you’ve cleared the path.  The intent and the words are important and specific, “I give you permission to show me the way and send me these blessings, God, Spirit, my angels, guides, my Higher Self, my honored family elders of blessed memory who continue to inspire…”

In the coaching work my husband Jeff and I do, when our clients make the commitment to proceed with the change-work they ask for, they are essentially doing this.  The many role models whose success strategies we observe and emulate, they have done this too.  Whether by pure intent, belief change, behavior modification, calls to action, they have given permission for this good to fill their lives and by their intent focus on their goals, they have shut out the negative.  We also often hear about giving ourselves permission.  To love, to enjoy the goodness of life’s offerings without guilt or destructive behavior that keeps us in our own way.  We have to also give the universe permission to provide for us all the opportunities and gifts it can bestow.  No control, no fear of lack, just permission. It’s one of life’s A-HA moments.

Seems easy enough doesn’t it? The formula was never really a formula. It is and always has been for us to remember our free-will, which is our responsibility to decide to what and whom we give permission to affect our lives.  Remember how the universe flows and how we are all connected in some way, and perhaps in more ways even beyond our comprehension.  What if this free-will is the most powerful and profoundly simple gift we have? We would never know how we co-create and partner with God, Creator, Spirit or whatever your spiritual beliefs, if we remain in a victim or submissive mentality.  If we believe that we are at the mercy of random forces that have power over us, then we let anything in and our lives will be a hit-or-miss play of the things we want, things we don’t and things to which we didn’t realize we had given permission.

In your own life-design, take an active step towards intent and your exercise of free-will.  Give permission to what you want and deny access to what you don’t, and then let it go, let it flow, see how it plays out. Remember when choosing, to play out your movie to the end. When you begin to pay attention and see the pattern of how things work, take it and pay it forward. Remind others to remember.

Molecular Gastronomy – Quantum Food for the Senses

When you think about the latest and increasing trend in culinary adventure you might consider the very innovative molecular gastronomy.  When I first learned about molecular gastronomy and watched several known culinary authorities on various food shows partake of the unusual cuisine with delight, I was very curious.  Mainly about how tiny little morsels in exclusively artistic presentations could actually satisfy and further, how this would play on our senses.

Molecular gastronomy, utilizing scientific processes in chemistry and physics, changes the way one perceives food, from conception and culinary technique, to the whole dining experience on the receiving end of this spectrum.  This technique combines the physical and chemical processes in cooking and transforms ingredients into an absolute epicurean phenomenon.

Upon becoming more accustomed to this technique, as you can see on shows such as Quantum Kitchen, I realized that what molecular gastronomists like Chef Marcel Vigneron do mostly is to take the most basic of foods, along with specific natural catalysts, transforming them in their essence, so that we the receivers of this culinary extravaganza may enjoy the benefit of savoring every flavor, aroma and texture fused into a single mouthful. It is an absolute overwhelm to our senses. It got me thinking that with the skills learned in NLP and DHE™, we already know how to retrain our brains and have the ability to do this using ourselves as a catalyst in the process. Further, what feelings could these trigger for us as an extended multi-sensorial event?

This technique doesn’t only enhance our palates. Here are just a few examples of what molecular gastronomy is about, according to Peter Barham, Professor of Molecular Gastronomy, UK and author of  The Science of Cooking.

  •  How ingredients are changed by different cooking methods
  • How all the senses play their own roles in our appreciation of food
  • The mechanisms of aroma release and the perception of taste and flavor
  • How and why we evolved our particular taste and flavor sense organs and our general food likes and dislikes
  • How cooking methods affect the eventual flavor and texture of food ingredients
  • How new cooking methods might produce improved results of texture and flavor
  • How our brains interpret the signals from all our senses to tell us the “flavor” of food
  • How our enjoyment of food is affected by other influences, our environment, our mood, how it is presented, who prepares it, etc.

Within the transformation, there also lies the element of expectation and surprise. What most connoisseurs will expect from the visual aspect, combined with any aromas around the dish certainly is unfathomable at first. Then when it is finally tasted, the alchemy of  flavors, and textures complete the heightened dining experience, pleasantly surprising all expectations.

It is a complicated and creative process that requires a credible knowledge of science. On a simpler note, the ability to transform your simplest food into a phenomenal experience for the senses is literally at your fingertips.  Using all of our senses in the experience requires us to be fully aware, present and in the moment. We can all do this automatically!

When my husband Jeff works with clients who have food phobias, he does just this. Along with having them taste individual foods, noticing the different textures, aromas, visual appeal; to take a moment and ask themselves if they a) like it and b) if they’re not yet sure, what it would be like to pair it with something else—something they’ve already discovered that they like or perhaps something new.  The results each individual experiences opens up a whole world for each of them, extending all the way to social breakthroughs. (*Getting them beyond the fear of tasting is of course a whole other skill set and cure.)

After all what is the essence of molecular gastronomy? An infusion of this, a concentration of that, along with a whole array of scientific knowledge and experimentation, and you end up with a bite-sized cheese burger bon bon, pizza in a frothy foam or a single-shot jellied vichyssoise, all packed with every component that would go into the actual meal—a futuristic meal you might say.  In comparison, doing this on your own minus the scientific process, as I wrote about in A Layered Dish Is More Than It Is, internalizing and understanding the blending of every morsel that touches your palate and enjoying them with all your senses creates our own artist’s easel and will undoubtedly give you a phenomenal epicurean experience every time.