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Exodus, Freedom and Transcending What Enslaves Us

In the next week as we Jewish people everywhere prepare for the Passover holiday, it reminds us that it is not just a holiday of traditional ritual services. Although regional traditions were handed down from generation to generation stemming from the Torah commandments, what we are constantly reminded is the primal message we received from the very Event that started this whole thing – which was the Exodus from Egypt and imposed slavery on our ancestors. And the message is one of perspective and of prism-thinking itself.

While we were given Divine instruction to hurry up and leave our enslaved existence of over 200 years as a people, along with whatever personal belongings we could gather within a very confined window of time, what we didn’t know at the time was that we were about to embark on a 40-year journey in the wilderness before we could get to where we were going. Metaphorically, does that seem to sound familiar?

Time and time again we argued, we complained, we feared, we rebelled, all the while being told to just trust and have faith. Well yes, wouldn’t you know – some did and some didn’t! In the meantime, we journeyed, we grew, we were nourished, we won battles along the way and were provided all sorts of clues and messages and yes, blatantly affirmative laws, explicit instruction on how-to everything.

So why then did the Israelites take 40 years to get to their destination? And why did it coincide with an entire generation dying out before we were awarded entry into the land of Israel? Symbolically and physically, the land of Israel represented a new mindset, that of freedom, responsibility, accountability, growth and development, all the attributes that come with being your own person. One cannot enter this state without a synchronous mentality. One cannot maintain such a state with the lingering mentality of slavery and bondage.

Likewise as we prepare to clean our homes of the unleavened, we prepare to shift our perspectives and renew our mental states towards freedom. As we remove our physical environment of all “chametz” (literal translation: leavened; root word: to ferment/sour); we also seek to remove our minds of emotional and spiritual chametz. During our 7-day exodus commemorative journey we endeavor to transcend from the restraints of whatever holds us in bondage.

This is something my husband Jeff and I have been working on for quite a while. As we are developing the Freedom Thought Project™, through our coaching work of helping many overcome their limitations, we have come to realize that while we live in a so-called free society, many do not even fathom what it means to be free or what true freedom feels like. And it all stems within the constraints of our own minds! What are you a slave to? Fear? Anxiety? Financial problems? Addictions? Uncertainty? A Cause? What is it you had started out with the intention of having a result of happiness and fulfillment, that has all of a sudden, left you feeling confused, powerless and hopeless?

Here are a few steps to help identify and guide you through your own journey towards true freedom.

The Path from Enslavement to Freedom!

Enslavement holds a lifestyle racked between fear and danger of being physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually hurt. Even those who physically live within some form of bondage may be spiritually, emotionally and mentally free. Leave behind the victim mentality of how you deserve a current lifestyle. This moment is nothing more than a moment in time. Anything may happen in the next moment when you conduct yourself with flexibility.

  1. Do you feel you are a slave to something? Whom or what do you believe is keeping you there?
  2. A slave mentality holds many characteristics of remaining a victim. Answer the following questions to identity if you are living in emotional or physical bondage:

a) Do you often have recurring thoughts of despair or hopelessness?

b) Do you often find yourself thinking the worst in situations?

c) Do you tend to blame others?

d) Do you habitually blame yourself for your lot in life?

e) Do you normally tend to feel you have the ability and resources to change your situation?

f) Do you find yourself feeling stuck focusing on what others have and what you may not?

  1. When you become aware of your experience, without the specific ‘drama’ or ‘story’ of what you are going through, pay specific attention to the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your experience.
  2. Notice how these recurring sensations begin. Is it voices you hear, images you see or sensations you feel? These are recurring patterns you may have created.


a) If these are recurring voices, are they that of your own or somebody else?

b) Do they still say those things or are they from the past?

c) Change them to something more pleasant. Example: Whenever you hear these negative words, engage some of your favorite music that inspires you.

d) In your mind, turn up the music, then turn down the voices.


a) Begin to collect images that best resonate your sensations of freedom .

b) Clip them from magazines and create a wish or dream scrap-book.

c) Recreate this scrap-book in your mind where you may never lose it and conjure them up when you need reminding


a) When you notice the feelings, get up and move!

b) By going for a walk, a drive and by shifting your scenery and immediate environment, you will automatically shift your thoughts, images and feelings into something more useful.

Each or these steps will allow yourself to open a gap between your stuck thoughts of despair or victimhood. Within this gap or thought-space, allow feelings of possibilities, hope and even joy. The more you do this, the more these gaps will override your less useful thoughts that keep you stuck.

(Courtesy of Freedom Thought Project™)

So with that, I close with a wish to all of you: That may your journey to peace, happiness and fulfillment rise above the enslavement of hopelessness and despair; may you truly have freedom in your life and may you have the wisdom, courage and determination to know the difference!

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Judgments of the Non-Judgmental, the Spiritual and the Need to be Right

Have you ever heard someone make blanket statements about other people being judgmental while simultaneously insinuating their own judgmental attitude against “the Others” that aren’t like them?  In my experience these may be the very people who will tell you how wrong you are for being selfish, arrogant, stupid, greedy, rich, lazy, poor, unambitious, unloving, unspiritual and judgmental! All because you may not agree with their opinions or views.

I hear all too often from supposed non-judgmental people, “I’m spiritual, I don’t believe in organized religion like those religious nuts!” Or, “I care so much about people, not like those other kinds of people…”  While these are paradoxes, within the paradoxical labeling, lies the judgment. Frankly I don’t believe there is such a thing as being completely without judgment. If you have an opinion, you’re forming a judgment; if you have a strong opinion you may want to be careful about how you allow others to form theirs as well.

If I were to practice being non-judgmental, it would be to freely hear and understand all perspectives, in the hopes of learning something new so that I could form my own. Arguing would only lead to animosity and enforce the need to be right. I’d rather be educated and pay it forward. Folks can learn according their own merits and circumstances and are entitled to their views, whether or not I agree, I can at least respect.

So what of the self-proclaimed non-judgmental who are also usually the self-proclaimed spiritual, because for some reason these two go hand-in-hand.  There are those who are so uncannily threatened by opposing opinions, they become outright violent and abusive.  This of course, is a contradiction to their self-described character. Perhaps because they want to change the world to their perceived utopia and “the Others” get in the way. Perhaps it’s because they’re so non-judgmental that they want everyone to be so. Either way, it negates the commonly-accepted very quality of a non-judgment, doesn’t it?

Then there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum. They say “live and let live”, often turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to all kinds of, what “the Others” consider atrocities, injustice and sometimes even tragedies. But even that isn’t all conclusive, because by doing nothing, they form a judgment by default. Sure they can say live and let live on a global level and stay obliviously unaffected, but can they on a personal level?

So how do we all perceive of ourselves, and how do others on the outside perceive us? How do we perceive of others? Are we being fair in our assessment? Do we give others the personal right to express their opinions? And if we don’t share the same views, should we argue our point? Should we just shake our heads righteously and say, “Those poor things, not as enlightened as I am; not at my level; one day they will learn…” I’ve heard those sentiments quite often, but I can always tell the facial expression saying, “I’m not saying anything, but you’re wrong.”

I think the bottom line is we all have opinions, and it doesn’t matter what people say about being non-judgmental, I’ve found there is always underlying judgment somewhere in differences of views. Even when there is a visceral discord in the exchange of opinions, there will be judgment in the unspoken.  What we can do is to at least stay non-judgmental for the duration of the time it takes for us to form our own opinion. Whether something serves us or not, or whether it serves humanity or not, we can debate, we can stay on separate sides, we can change our minds about things, we can stay open. Above all we can gain perspective and we never stop learning.

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Wake Up or Hit the Snooze Button?

In the wake of natural and man-made disasters that we see brewing and exploding around us, it is interesting to observe responses on the human level. We see groups claiming victimization, we see groups behaving like mere spectators, we see groups hailing the onset of Armageddon, and then there are groups stating the symbolism and metaphors in all occurrences.

No matter what your level of introspection in your own relationship to your environment – personally or globally, these events – no matter the strength of their impact upon us and our lives, serve as wake-up calls and demand that we pay attention. There has been much ridicule to the notion of wake-up calls, but really, who’s to say what is an epiphany to each of us, with each event that touches us?

Every event that touches our lives is an opportunity for introspection.  Sometimes we get little nudges and sometimes we get a kick in the behind.  We get clues, that if we’re aware enough to decipher, we get to move up or down our chosen paths and even be in harmony with the paths we choose and that perhaps chosen for us by something greater.

But what if we don’t take these generous opportunities to better ourselves and our lives? In times of crisis, regardless of what they are, we begin to take stock of our bank accounts, material inventories, water supply, our pantries and freezers and even our gas tanks.  What about our internal pantries and internal tanks? What’s missing in our lives and how much energy and courage will it take to fill? Sometimes what’s missing may be balance. Balance between the excess and the shortage – physical and emotional.  Perhaps too much drama and not enough courage? Too much guilt and not enough compassion? Too much ego and not enough confidence?

Maybe the messages aren’t for all of us, maybe for some more than others, and maybe for all affected, but the messages may be different for each.  The thing to remember is, any time is a good time for taking stock.  We shouldn’t wait for a ton of bricks to fall on our heads – literally, should we?  But oftentimes we do.  So the question remains, what does it all mean to you? In the end that’s all that really counts.  Are you directly or indirectly affected? If it didn’t touch you at all, did it touch you at all? Out of love… compassion… awe… fear… respect… honor? To yourself… to others? Do you set yourself apart from or become a part of?

Invariably and inevitably, a global calamity ultimately has a way of trickling down and seeping in, becoming a personal calamity.  Just as an exercise in relationship and perspective, think of some past and current world events, both natural and man-made and think about how it may have impacted your own life and to what degree.  How, if at all have you been affected? Could you have changed the outcome had you done something differently? Could you in the future?

While we cannot really predict what is forthcoming and we are constantly changing the future with our present actions, we can take stock of ourselves and do our best to make sure the actions we take are good ones. If we wake up and stop hitting the snooze button, we might just be awake enough to save someone, maybe even you.

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To Live ‘For’ or To Live ‘In’ the Moment?

I was recently talking to a lady I know about philosophical beliefs and the subject came to faith and religion.  My friend is mostly agnostic and professed to believing in goodness of humankind rather than in a Supreme Being. She said that if one believes that now is all we have, then we would make the best of our lives and do the best we can in all situations.  These are good ideals. However they are limited and limiting in the spectrum of our full potential.

Let’s take her belief that now is all there is. Now would that lead us to live for now or live in the Now? Is there a distinction? In prism thinking there is. In a tunnel vision they may seem one and the same.  Hear yourself say the phrases “live for today”; “live in today”. If we are to believe only in the inherent goodness of humankind, without it having to be cultivated, then we would assume that everyone would have the intrinsic aspiration to be and do the best you can be and do at all times.  So what really stops us? I perceive a slight kink in that particular machine.

When we think about living for now or for the moment, we think about wanting to do all the things that make us happy and fulfilled and as much of it as we can because we may not have another opportunity when the moment has passed, sort of like a “grab-n-go”.  While this could be true to some extent, could it also possibly lead to over-indulgence, a lack of mindfulness or maybe self-centered desires? Possibly. Remember that our beliefs become our truths and our truths become our reality.  What if someone’s reality was lack, desperation and disappointment? Would they also aspire to be all they can in that moment? Would they even want to? Would they have the ability to perceive changing their reality? What if you live for the moment and act out of desperation? Would that moment be unbearable? It is said that life is a series of moments.  Where you “spend” those moments may define the quality of your life.

Living in the Now

While living in the now may seem similar in ideals, think of it as being fully present – not being attached to dramas of the past and not being too involved in the “what-ifs” of future possibilities. I should mention here that it is important to mentally play out the different possibilities for decision-making and designing your life. While each moment has the potential to bring any possible future depending on how we act in the present, worrying about events that may not happen robs from us the gifts of the present.  What are these gifts?

In my experience of being in the present, I can perceive full awareness of everything around me (or at least to the fullest of my comprehension).  The best example I can give you would be my first experience with time-distortion I had learnt from Dr. Richard Bandler in a Design Human Engineering® Seminar, I attended and to which I was fortunate enough to staff.  I’ll never forget when Richard taught that when he slows down time, he is able to notice every movement, every gesture of every single person in the room simultaneously.  As Il followed in the exercise, I remember how amazing it was to actually see every gesture, movement; hear every cough, sneeze or throat-clearing, even smell different scents – all in slow-motion! Imagine being able to behold all these wondrous sensations and more, slowing down time, being fully present in the moment and experiencing everything that we would normally miss when we’re not really “here”! How many wasted moments do you think has been spent by millions of us dwelling in the past, worrying about the future or even living only for now? How much have we missed, living in our frenetic versions of “now”?

Oh, and should I also mention that being in the present gives us many additional gifts? Obviously distorting time that day at the seminar, slowing down time, afforded us ample time to finish our staffing paperwork duties, when just before, it seemed we were in a rush with not enough time to get it all done! I assure you, it’s an amazing thing!

Other gifts to consider when being fully present? How about you come up with a few of your own and imagine what it would be like to fully experience everything you wish you could but either don’t have the time or the opportunity.  Well it’s all happening Now! You just have to learn the technique and that’s no longer a secret!

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Get Out of Your Way!

Once we set our pure intent, we plant the seeds and they are set in motion.  Sometimes, when the motion begins, and even though we cannot fully fathom the scope of the changes about to take place, life just doesn’t let you do things in the same way that you used to.  What do I mean by this?

Oftentimes when we hit a brick wall, a seeming dead-end or our lives just seem to be a scene from Groundhog Day, it’s because the patterns which we are normally comfortable in operating are providing us with the same results.  They may be different circumstances but often the outcome usually feels the same, often disappointing us with the “same old”.  Einstein defined insanity as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.  Sometimes hidden, the comfortable patterns we go to when we set about to achieve something are being performed in the same way as we always do, cleverly masked by new and different circumstances, situations and settings.

This is not to say that a fool-proof or successful process can’t be re-applied again and again, but let’s get clear the fact that even though situations may seem new or similar on some level to us, if we keep comparing and generalizing them to our prior experiences, we run the risk of never applying a new strategy and even missing “the difference” in each experience.  To learn something new and to be first open to learning something new affords us the ability to apply a fresh facet to an existing strategy or thinking up a new approach altogether.

Now let’s go back to my previous statement. When we state a pure intention to receive, opportunities will present themselves to us.  Whether or not we’re open to noticing them, is another point. The fact is when opportunities present themselves and we begin the process of actively pursuing them, sometimes our partners in our co-creative process, be it Divine intervention, intuition, instinct or whatever you perceive is guiding you, will just not allow us to apply our same old strategies in how we go about it. It’s telling us if we’re listening, “Learn and move on from past lessons and do something different now!” Even if you haven’t noticed this before, doesn’t it just seem even vaguely familiar? It’s most commonly heard when someone says something like, “Something just lead the way,” or “It felt like something prevented me from doing that.”

Pure intent – “pure” being the key word, would make way for the clarity required in how you make the pictures of how you see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you would feel in your own life’s fantasy movie playing out. When you have the tools to make them clear enough, you may be already setting in motion all the necessary appropriate new strategies needed to get you there.  It seems logical that doing the “same old” does not make a good match to your newfound creation process. This is also true of old patterns, or stale dynamics within our own inter-personal relationships which cause conflict and disruption to the harmony and flow needed.

Remember in these situations when you are co-creating your life and things get in the way of how you normally do things or something’s steering you in a new direction, the “universe” may just be telling you to get out of your own way so you can start living your dream!

Note: These are just a few perspectives. I have more—as should we all.

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Love – Conditionally Unconditional?

We hear so many declarations about unconditional love it’s easy to get lost in the cliché without really understanding its scope and true meaning.  To many, the phrase unconditional love, I’ve noticed means to love completely without reservation.  What does this mean in the cosmic or the macro sense? When you are used to comprehending this in a micro view, does it change with a grander perspective? When we begin to grasp the concept of pure love in the macro sense through our prism view we may come to the realization that what we thought we understood about unconditional love is really more blind love within our limited understanding.

Because divine love is vastly different from earthly human love, the kind we can perceive—we, even in our purest intent to give and receive it can never really fathom it. Even in unconditional love, there is condition or there would be no growth within our own spiritual evolution.  Yes we believe that divine or universal love is total and infinite, and yes, even in our limited knowledge, it most probably is. God loves us anyway; the Universe loves us anyway—with all our flaws and limitations; love is all there is; love is all that matters; divine love is the most beautiful thing there is—we’re all familiar with these concepts.  In the soul-sense on the grander scale we are loved unconditionally.  Human-wise and in the earthly sense, believe it or not, we may suffer even though we are loved unconditionally.  When I say we may suffer, I mean in the sense of how we may suffer through mistakes and bad decisions, but we learn from them and we grow.  Sometimes within these trying moments of recovering or moving on from mistakes we may perceive it as bad fortune, punishment and may foster resentment and even hatred.  Harsh derivatives from something as pure as love, aren’t they?

Can we at all fathom that even when we experience the lows in our lives that we are loved infinitely divinely through all of it as much as when we are on our highs? Sometimes limited understanding of why things happen, why things are and are not, what we deem as fair and unfair block our ability to give and receive love.  Our version of love is a limited one, but only for now, only within this time and space. Yet we proceed to equate the Universe and its Creator with this version, in a sense what we are really doing is limiting God and our understanding of the Divine.

So is there really such thing as what we have termed unconditional love?  Even when you think of ourselves as being loved despite our flaws, there is condition there somewhere.  How do we expect each other to love humanity the way God does? Because to love responsibly, with regard to humanity negates loving with abandon, that is, the abandonment of our faculties of knowledge and understanding which are precursors to wisdom.  When you love and care for someone deeply enough there is condition—for you to raise the bar so that they can be raised and lifted too.  Would there otherwise be sense in loving blindly, despite their flaws, making no contribution to their progress and evolution? That would be a disservice, wouldn’t it? I especially am amused when I hear parents say they love their children unconditionally. Really?  So when you take care of them, teach them in order for them to be the best they can be, when you say no and when you say yes to them are there no conditions?

Throughout the ages when we are fortunate enough to cross paths with teachers or masters who transcend the minutiae of earthly lives, live elevated lives and seem to love their students and followers in a purer sense, what do we seek to do?  We can learn and emulate or we can set them apart as being special souls and ascended masters put here on this earth for a reason. The reason is to teach us that we too can transcend and ascend; we too have that spark that shines in its purest form.  Isn’t that what we as humans aspire to reach?  It begins with your own conception of love and if you’re willing to make your box bigger or remove the box altogether!

**Note: These are just a few perspectives. I have more, as should we all.

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Permission Granted, or Access Denied?

What is the secret formula for having the life you desire? A life of abundant blessings of love, joy, good health, success, peace and prosperity.  After all, I daresay that this is what most humans pray for, wish for and dream about.  Why is it that many of us just seem to be banging our heads against the wall trying desperately to achieve the things we most desire? We pray, chant mantras, having faith and believing that all things are possible to those who learn and evolve with the appropriate intention, actions and beliefs. What have we forgotten about ourselves, when we believe with all positivity, persevere with determination, and yet something deep down, a hidden negative belief, doubts, insecurity seem to rear their ugly heads and seep into our positive thought and energy?

I was thinking intently about this and I realized—free will! We forget that we humans have free-will and there’s something really powerful about acknowledging and exercising this God-given gift.  While being sensitive to different dimensional energies around us, I noticed a change in my neurology when I state my intention regarding what energies I DO NOT give permission to affect me.  I noticed that this is the thing that many do not understand when suddenly faced with the fact that there may be other energies around us that we actually interact with daily.  Many people take the victim role and fear the possibility of some other forces “doing something to them”.  Friends, we have free-will, exercise it! We let whatever negative energy we are faced with know that it does not have our permission to mess with us!

So then, what happens when we pray for things we want? Do we pray, chant, repeat and hope we will be blessed with and hopefully manifest what we want? Do we actually give permission for these things to come into our lives? Once you’ve given permission, you’ve cleared the path.  The intent and the words are important and specific, “I give you permission to show me the way and send me these blessings, God, Spirit, my angels, guides, my Higher Self, my honored family elders of blessed memory who continue to inspire…”

In the coaching work my husband Jeff and I do, when our clients make the commitment to proceed with the change-work they ask for, they are essentially doing this.  The many role models whose success strategies we observe and emulate, they have done this too.  Whether by pure intent, belief change, behavior modification, calls to action, they have given permission for this good to fill their lives and by their intent focus on their goals, they have shut out the negative.  We also often hear about giving ourselves permission.  To love, to enjoy the goodness of life’s offerings without guilt or destructive behavior that keeps us in our own way.  We have to also give the universe permission to provide for us all the opportunities and gifts it can bestow.  No control, no fear of lack, just permission. It’s one of life’s A-HA moments.

Seems easy enough doesn’t it? The formula was never really a formula. It is and always has been for us to remember our free-will, which is our responsibility to decide to what and whom we give permission to affect our lives.  Remember how the universe flows and how we are all connected in some way, and perhaps in more ways even beyond our comprehension.  What if this free-will is the most powerful and profoundly simple gift we have? We would never know how we co-create and partner with God, Creator, Spirit or whatever your spiritual beliefs, if we remain in a victim or submissive mentality.  If we believe that we are at the mercy of random forces that have power over us, then we let anything in and our lives will be a hit-or-miss play of the things we want, things we don’t and things to which we didn’t realize we had given permission.

In your own life-design, take an active step towards intent and your exercise of free-will.  Give permission to what you want and deny access to what you don’t, and then let it go, let it flow, see how it plays out. Remember when choosing, to play out your movie to the end. When you begin to pay attention and see the pattern of how things work, take it and pay it forward. Remind others to remember.