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Get Out of Your Way!

Once we set our pure intent, we plant the seeds and they are set in motion.  Sometimes, when the motion begins, and even though we cannot fully fathom the scope of the changes about to take place, life just doesn’t let you do things in the same way that you used to.  What do I mean by this?

Oftentimes when we hit a brick wall, a seeming dead-end or our lives just seem to be a scene from Groundhog Day, it’s because the patterns which we are normally comfortable in operating are providing us with the same results.  They may be different circumstances but often the outcome usually feels the same, often disappointing us with the “same old”.  Einstein defined insanity as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.  Sometimes hidden, the comfortable patterns we go to when we set about to achieve something are being performed in the same way as we always do, cleverly masked by new and different circumstances, situations and settings.

This is not to say that a fool-proof or successful process can’t be re-applied again and again, but let’s get clear the fact that even though situations may seem new or similar on some level to us, if we keep comparing and generalizing them to our prior experiences, we run the risk of never applying a new strategy and even missing “the difference” in each experience.  To learn something new and to be first open to learning something new affords us the ability to apply a fresh facet to an existing strategy or thinking up a new approach altogether.

Now let’s go back to my previous statement. When we state a pure intention to receive, opportunities will present themselves to us.  Whether or not we’re open to noticing them, is another point. The fact is when opportunities present themselves and we begin the process of actively pursuing them, sometimes our partners in our co-creative process, be it Divine intervention, intuition, instinct or whatever you perceive is guiding you, will just not allow us to apply our same old strategies in how we go about it. It’s telling us if we’re listening, “Learn and move on from past lessons and do something different now!” Even if you haven’t noticed this before, doesn’t it just seem even vaguely familiar? It’s most commonly heard when someone says something like, “Something just lead the way,” or “It felt like something prevented me from doing that.”

Pure intent – “pure” being the key word, would make way for the clarity required in how you make the pictures of how you see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you would feel in your own life’s fantasy movie playing out. When you have the tools to make them clear enough, you may be already setting in motion all the necessary appropriate new strategies needed to get you there.  It seems logical that doing the “same old” does not make a good match to your newfound creation process. This is also true of old patterns, or stale dynamics within our own inter-personal relationships which cause conflict and disruption to the harmony and flow needed.

Remember in these situations when you are co-creating your life and things get in the way of how you normally do things or something’s steering you in a new direction, the “universe” may just be telling you to get out of your own way so you can start living your dream!

Note: These are just a few perspectives. I have more—as should we all.

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Are We Ready For the Freedom of Relativity?

While this blog offers perspectives that help open up our world, giving us more dimensionality, the theory of relativity is no longer a theory, but a reality we experience everywhere.  The universe is relative, Einstein told us, and true at that. Relativism, when embraced and realized gives way to literally mind-flipping possibilities.  Possibilities and potential that perhaps our Creator knew that while on Earth, the duality of our current state cannot be completely understood until we would have evolved into another state of being and thus of awareness and acceptance.  Quite an opener, isn’t it?

While the universe is relative as are we, there are laws on which it runs. At the same time we were also given laws for several reasons.  We have all heard of the states of order and chaos within the universe haven’t we?  The universe runs on laws to maintain order and avoid chaos.  Relativism offers us infinite possibilities which if rendered without responsibility will wreak havoc on our lives.  We see this more and more every day, whether or not you have noticed.

We as a species have grown and gained much over millennia, but have we enough? We seek today, to be our own lord and master, yet have we gained the infinite perspectives within our limited state to claim that in its entirety?  Can we fully comprehend the enormous scope of this knowledge of relativity? Do we understand that with the freedom that knowledge of relativity brings, comes also a vast responsibility in governing ourselves? Yes we may defy laws; we may rationalize about why they are unnecessary, who created them, we may make excuses that satisfy and comfort our ego. But let’s really face the fact that the universal laws we are required to live by help us maintain some aspect of order and balance.  We may attempt to defy some laws or at least defy within the frame-work, we may attempt to push the thresholds; but everything that we ultimately protest or abide in our lives reside within the spectrum between order and chaos – good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative, light and dark.  We may also sometimes tend to swing the pendulum too far the other way, often forfeiting balance for our own ego’s irresponsible wants, sometimes placing inappropriate obligation, and sometimes relinquishing accountability, holding us even more hostage to our situations than the freedom that having relative perspectives truly offers.

Who are we then, to dispute the universal laws of balance, even as we perceive of ourselves as specks of dust in the primordial soup or as infinitely great as God itself? Without this responsibility, even the logistics of aerodynamics within the framework of the law of gravity would fail; if we don’t abide the rules within the movement of air, gravity will pull us down; and if we go too far we would float about aimlessly.  What would happen if the oceans of the world or the planets in our solar system decided that they didn’t need rules and laws just because it was relative to them and they had choices that their free-will compelled them to exercise? Take away the appropriate obligation and there would be chaos.

As with mighty empires that have fallen throughout recorded and unrecorded history, as worlds begin and end like the fabled Lemuria or even Atlantis, what if worlds as we knew them would end as we have forged on ahead of ourselves, so far ahead as to put ourselves in front of the yet unexplained or more appropriately, unfathomed mysterious forces which hold us together?  Are we to dispose of the pieces of hardware that came with the do-it-yourself piece just because they weren’t clearly indicated in the instructions? Someone who is familiar with the design and rules of carpentry might know better and help you put the pieces together.  Maybe we should be holding on to those pieces until we can understand how and where they fit, and always keep asking, “Is that all there is?”

Appropriate asked by the illustrious Peggy Lee…

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Note: These are just a few perspectives. I have more—as should we all.

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Love – Conditionally Unconditional?

We hear so many declarations about unconditional love it’s easy to get lost in the cliché without really understanding its scope and true meaning.  To many, the phrase unconditional love, I’ve noticed means to love completely without reservation.  What does this mean in the cosmic or the macro sense? When you are used to comprehending this in a micro view, does it change with a grander perspective? When we begin to grasp the concept of pure love in the macro sense through our prism view we may come to the realization that what we thought we understood about unconditional love is really more blind love within our limited understanding.

Because divine love is vastly different from earthly human love, the kind we can perceive—we, even in our purest intent to give and receive it can never really fathom it. Even in unconditional love, there is condition or there would be no growth within our own spiritual evolution.  Yes we believe that divine or universal love is total and infinite, and yes, even in our limited knowledge, it most probably is. God loves us anyway; the Universe loves us anyway—with all our flaws and limitations; love is all there is; love is all that matters; divine love is the most beautiful thing there is—we’re all familiar with these concepts.  In the soul-sense on the grander scale we are loved unconditionally.  Human-wise and in the earthly sense, believe it or not, we may suffer even though we are loved unconditionally.  When I say we may suffer, I mean in the sense of how we may suffer through mistakes and bad decisions, but we learn from them and we grow.  Sometimes within these trying moments of recovering or moving on from mistakes we may perceive it as bad fortune, punishment and may foster resentment and even hatred.  Harsh derivatives from something as pure as love, aren’t they?

Can we at all fathom that even when we experience the lows in our lives that we are loved infinitely divinely through all of it as much as when we are on our highs? Sometimes limited understanding of why things happen, why things are and are not, what we deem as fair and unfair block our ability to give and receive love.  Our version of love is a limited one, but only for now, only within this time and space. Yet we proceed to equate the Universe and its Creator with this version, in a sense what we are really doing is limiting God and our understanding of the Divine.

So is there really such thing as what we have termed unconditional love?  Even when you think of ourselves as being loved despite our flaws, there is condition there somewhere.  How do we expect each other to love humanity the way God does? Because to love responsibly, with regard to humanity negates loving with abandon, that is, the abandonment of our faculties of knowledge and understanding which are precursors to wisdom.  When you love and care for someone deeply enough there is condition—for you to raise the bar so that they can be raised and lifted too.  Would there otherwise be sense in loving blindly, despite their flaws, making no contribution to their progress and evolution? That would be a disservice, wouldn’t it? I especially am amused when I hear parents say they love their children unconditionally. Really?  So when you take care of them, teach them in order for them to be the best they can be, when you say no and when you say yes to them are there no conditions?

Throughout the ages when we are fortunate enough to cross paths with teachers or masters who transcend the minutiae of earthly lives, live elevated lives and seem to love their students and followers in a purer sense, what do we seek to do?  We can learn and emulate or we can set them apart as being special souls and ascended masters put here on this earth for a reason. The reason is to teach us that we too can transcend and ascend; we too have that spark that shines in its purest form.  Isn’t that what we as humans aspire to reach?  It begins with your own conception of love and if you’re willing to make your box bigger or remove the box altogether!

**Note: These are just a few perspectives. I have more, as should we all.

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